Quaker Meetings Network
is a digital network for Quaker Meetings in Britain

Our goal is to support Friends at the both the Local and Area Meeting level to manage and improve their online presence in the modern digital age. We aim to make managing meeting websites quicker, easier and more intuitive. Our websites are networked together, helping people in your area discover whats going on in their local Quaker communities.

Our aims are

1. Get all Meetings online

Not all meetings have a website – we want to fix that. The internet is now ubiquitous, and it is essential to have an online presence to provide information and outreach to both the existing members and a whole new audience.

2. Create modern and responsive websites for all platforms

Some existing websites need modernising – style and design changes rapidly and older meeting websites can look a dated, and are getting increasingly harder to use on higher definition screens and on mobile web browsers on smartphones and tablets.

3. Provide dedicated support and technical knowledge

A single point of contact for support – Setting up your own website from scratch is technical, and a lot can go wrong. Many meetings opt to use a managed service, like Wordpress or Weebly, however technical support is often slow and impersonal. We aim to provide a single consistent, dedicated and knowledgeable support system across all area and local meetings, by Friends, for Friends.

What we offer

  • Design
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Domains
  • Business

Our websites have professional, modern design. The internet is changing rapidly, and the rise of smartphones and tablets means that your website needs to look good and be functional in more places than ever.

Our websites are designed and built by professionals who have created websites for charities for over 5 years, including five websites for Britain Yearly Meeting.

We keep on top of trends in web design and in technology, so you can always be confident that your website will be future-proof with regular updates and management always included.

Who we are

2 Freelancers & over 70 Quakers

Our background

In 2017, a Quaker Website Project Group (QWPG) was formed to address the widely needed effort to improve websites of Quaker Meetings in Britain. To date, this project group consists of over seventy Friends from around Britain.

After thorough discussions with Britain Yearly Meeting, BYM discerned that they were unable to coordinate the project or provided centralised funding. From this outcome was born the Quaker Meetings Network – a collaboration between two freelancers and the QWPG. One of these freelancers is a lifetime Quaker and has built and actively maintains five websites for Britain Yearly Meeting.

Our future

The network we have designed specifically provides the facilities identified by QWPG that are needed for meetings – both Local and Area – including websites, event calendars and more.

Our organisation embodies Quaker values and ethics, and is a community effort. Moving forward, the QWPG will be forming a Steering Group who will continue to work with and coordinate future developments with the developers.

Websites for Local Meetings


We offer two kinds of websites to accommodate meetings of different needs and sizes.

Micro Site

A one-page website listing all the crucial information about your meeting, like times, Google map location & directions, accessibility information. There is space for customisation, but it is more limited than on Full Site. Only your next 3 events are publicised.

See an example of a Micro Site here.

Full Site

A multi-page website with all the features of QMN. Each page can be completely customised, so you can really build a website to reflect your meeting. The unrestricted calendar lets visitors check your events 4 months into the future, and browse 1 month of past events. We designed QMN to be used this way, and encourage those who can to use a Full Site.

See an example of a Full Site here.

Features & Pricing

  Micro Site Full Site
Fee £20 /year £84 /year
Size Single page Multiple pages
Unlimited hosting & web traffic Our websites run on fast, secure, and scalable hosting on servers 100% powered by green energy
SSL CertificateWeb browsers now show security warnings about sites without SSL making this essential.
Customisable design Full sites are very customisable (page arrangements, photos, colours, fonts). Micro sites are only be minorly customisable (photos, some layout options). Limited Highly customisable
Photo library QMN websites can use photos from our (ever growing) database of curated Quaker photos.
Automatic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Full Sites can also control their SEO settings per page.
Custom Webpages Full Sites have several pages that can be totally customised.
Events Calendar Micro sites show three upcoming events. Full sites display the full event calendar four months ahead, and one month in the past. Limited Full
Room Lettings Full sites have a dedicated page for advertising letting space.
Analytics Gain insight into the engagement with your website (available from early 2020)
Contact Form Let the public send you messages through a web form on your site.
Smart Contact Form Allow visitors to choose a topic (e.g. general, lettings, events) and QMN can automatically send contact form submissions to pre-defined email address(es).
Email Addresses Setup email addresses like clerk@yourmeeting.quakermeeting.org to use instead of personal addresses
Manage your meeting's information in our database You control your meeting's data.
Be included in our UK-wide “Find a meeting” tool All meetings are included regardless of their involvement with QMN.
Knowledgebase Access our dedicated support area with plenty of guides, helpsheets and tutorials.
Email support Contact us directly by email about any issues or queries you may have. Technical issues only
Phone/Skype support Nothing beats speaking to a real human.
Backups Daily backups for 30 days, monthly backups for 1 year
Automatic updates & upgrades Let us worry about keeping your website up-to-date
High security Dedicated virus scanning and firewalls


Is your web hosting ethical?

Our websites are hosted using a third-party supplier who offers UK-based cloud web servers powered by 100% renewable energy supplied by Ecotricity.

Can we join with a Micro Site and upgrade to a Full Site at a later date?

Yes, upgrading (and downgrading) is possible at any time.

Can we try a QMN website before we sign up?

Yes, we can arrange a trial.

We're happy with our currently website. How can we engage with the network?

Meetings can keep their own website but still use QMN, specifically in managing their meeting's data in our database, and using our events calendar.

Our Network

The Quaker Meetings Network is more than a platform for individual websites. We have created a network that links them together. At our main website (quakermeeting.org), we have an interactive search engine for meetings across Britain. You can see a demo below:

Area Meetings

Area Meetings can use QMN completely for free. They can provide meeting information for LMs who don't use QMN, and can show an event list which automatically includes all the events of the local meetings in their area (who use a QMN website).

If Area Meetings want a bigger website than the one we provide, we can organise them a website equivalent to the LM Full Site, but for their AM.

For example, take a look at Kingston & Wandsworth AM.

More Information